With five production lines of scented candles, one of which is dedicated to cosmetic candles and one for filling sprays and diffusers, our differentiated equipment allows us to adapt to all production sizes with the same reactivity: from 300 pieces to 100,000 pieces or even more.

custom scented candles manufacturing
advisory services


Our team has the expertise and skills to accompany you in the creation of your products: from the idea to the object, and in the choice of the perfume or packaging.

You will benefit from a personalized service. From the brief to the delivery of your product, we are in constant search for the solution which is most suitable to your needs.


We have a wide range of fragrances from the best perfumers in Grasse. You can also entrust us with your fragrance choice.

high quality perfumes
custom containers and packaging


You will choose within a wide range of containers (glass, flask, porcelain, etc.), which can be lacquered or decorated according to your expectations.

We offer packagings (case, box, etc.) tailored to your products. They are all customisable and available in a large variety of materials, since we work with providers we chose for their great reliability.


You have a setting in mind: we create it for you. By screen printing, hot stamping, embossing or by means of a label, your container will unveil your brand’s identity.

Can’t make up your mind? We offer the services of our graphic designer, a partner who will create a tailor-made setting.

scented candles design
candles and cosmetics laboratory tests


A series of tests ensure optimum quality in line with the European standards.

Our laboratory first searches for the best olfactory diffusion by adapting the wax, adjusting the wick and performing tests in olfactory rooms. We conduct especially combustion tests, as well as stability tests in ovens and we make calculations of soot emissions.


All our perfumes comply with the European standards IFRA and CLP CE N°1907/2006.

For all our air care scented products, we apply the standards linked to the CEN 369 (labelling, fire safety, calculation of soot emissions). Our CEO, Philippe Berodias, is a member of the European Commission CEN 369 and CEN 421 on standards for scented candles.

As regards our cosmetic products, all of them comply with the European regulation CE 1229/2009. We systematically perform patch tests, under the authority of an allergist.

candles and cosmetics legislation