Bougie & Senteur also produces solid perfumes, aka concretes.

The first perfumes took the form of ointments, i.e. pomade. Today, these precious cases – constant sensory allies – contain perfume-cremes, which should be applied using your fingertips. Nomadic perfumes, they are not fragile and are easy to carry. They could be samples of your toilet waters – why not?

They are entirely made of natural ingredients, such as, for example, beeswax (protective and nourishing), cocoa butter, shea butter…

solid perfumes manufacturer

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solid perfumes gold and silver containers-ref.950-951
solid perfumes silver container with metal plate
solid perfumes silver container box and refill
solid perfumes white container 5gr ref.901
solid perfumes in gold or silver colored containers-ref.950-951
solid perfume in silver colored container with metal plate
solid perfume in a silver colored container with its box and refill
solid perfumes white container 5gr ref.901
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We have several customisable case models, starting from 1000 pieces, in the fragrances of your choice. 

You can also entrust us with the container and packaging of your choice: the options are endless!

Cotton plant flower - Cosmetic fragrances

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